About Us

Social entrepreneurship and Venture Brokering are what we envisioned as a decentralized network of opportunities, This is a dynamic approach to addressing societal challenges we value through our parent Company, Citylab Professional, and the Inherent Knowledge Public Benefit Company Family. In this innovative model, individuals and organizations collaborate across diverse sectors to create positive social change.

Unlike traditional top-down structures, a decentralized network empowers communities and individuals to identify and seize opportunities, fostering a bottom-up, inclusive approach.

The foundation of this new apprenticeship program has been expertly crafted by Johnny Lee Clarke, Loree Davila, and the CityLab Professional team. Their dedication and strategic planning embody the spirit of social entrepreneurship, emphasizing collaboration, inclusivity, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.

By weaving together the strengths of community members and program stakeholders, this initiative seeks to provide valuable opportunities and create a sustainable and empowering framework for social change.

Johnny Lee Clarke