How it works

Are there any specific criteria or qualifications that vendors need to meet to participate?

A: To start the process, register and pay fees online here. Afterward, attend our mandatory Thursday preview session for crucial insights. Rest assured, if you’re not selected or unable to attend, your fees will be refunded within 30 days. We look forward to your participation!

What is the application process for becoming a vendor at the market?

To become a vendor at the food truck and farmers training market, ensure you:

1) Register and pay fees online here,

2) Attend the mandatory Thursday preview session,

3) Verify your ability to upload required documents,

4) Note the refund policy if not selected or unable to attend, and

5) Anticipate gaining valuable insights for a successful participation

What is a Employment Social Enterprise

An original Employment Social Enterprise (ESE) we are familiar with is Delancey Street Restaurant which is a key training school of the Delancey Street Foundation, the country’s largest self-help residential organization for people who have hit bottom to rebuild their lives completely.

Like the immigrants who came through Ellis Island to Delancey Street on New York’s Lower East Side at the turn of the century to start new lives, newcomers to Delancey Street Foundation are “immigrants” of all races, all ages, all backgrounds, who come together in this community of last resort.


What exactly is a food desert?

A food desert is an area where residents lack convenient access to affordable, nutritious food, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. This often results from a combination of factors, including:

  • Absence of supermarkets or grocery stores: Food deserts typically lack major grocery stores within walking distance or a readily available public transportation route.
  • Limited income: Residents in these areas may have limited financial resources, making it difficult to afford healthy food options.
  • Transportation challenges: Lack of access to reliable transportation can further hinder residents’ ability to reach grocery stores.
  • Unhealthy food options: Food deserts may be saturated with fast food restaurants and convenience stores, offering limited access to healthy choices.

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Why is Munchyfest a ESE?

  1. We are run by a Public Benefit Company
  2. We train and hire from those in underserved communities
  3. We prioritize Food Desserts for our markets