What We Do

Advancing generous justice and philanthroprenuership, CityLab Professional enables agency through education, integrating faith and entrepreneurship training, ensuring sustainable employment, and nurturing inclusive communities.

Munchyfest is a way to reduce the stigma associated with homelessness. Through our Meet Your Neighbors Dinners and events like Super Saturday, we attempt to bring together those who are and are not experiencing homelessness in order to encourage discussions and ultimately dissipate the stigma.

It started off as an idea to give back. Born from a series of conversations during times of social unrest, it developed into a reality we call Munchyfest. At the core of this passion project are three things: Technical Training, Local Employment, and Affordable Housing.

Our Apprentices are training in valuable skills like customer service, manufacturing processes, and computer-aided sales; empowering the next generation with an entrepreneurial spirit; giving back through mentorship opportunities for those transitioning from incarceration.